Steps to Transfer a Photo onto Canvas

If you like a photo, you can transfer photo on canvas as a piece of art. Even though you have never tried your luck at painting photo on canvas, you can still get hold of it with trial and error. After some time, you will be able to create spectacular canvas paintings with ease.

Many people have a notion that painting on canvas can only be done by the experts. However, if you are a beginner, the only way to learn this the art of painting on canvas is to you put all your efforts and dedication in it.

Here are simple steps on how to transfer photo to canvas:

1. You need to create a copy of a photograph of which you are going to create a canvas painting. The reason you are required to create a copy is that it will be spoiled during the painting process.

2. The technique you will make use of for transferring photograph to canvas is gridding. You need to create small squares on the photo by drawing lines in horizontal and vertical manner by means of a pencil.

3. You need to start numbering the small squares that you have created. Starting from the top, you can write the number 1 in the first box, number 2 in the second and so on all the boxes present on the photo.

4. On the canvas, you need to create horizontal and vertical lines in order to make squares. The size of the square will depend on the size of the canvas and also the size of the photo you are going to make on the canvas.

5. Now, you need to look at the first box on the photo and make it exactly the same way on the first box of canvas. This way you can continue drawing all the boxes and have your photo transferred on the canvas.

6. Once the drawing is done, you can delete the grid lines and numbers that you made on the canvas. You can then paint the image you have created.