Fun Kid Photo Projects

Incorporating photography into a child’s life will open them up to a whole new world. Have children take pictures regularly so that family and friends can see changes in your child. Capture everyday events, special occasions, vacations, school memories or family and friends. Let kids record their world through their eyes. One-time-use cameras and kids digital cameras provide easy ways to let kids take pictures of each other and to capture what is important to them. Once children have taken pictures help them use their pictures in fun projects and simple gifts.

1.Picture Cards

Children can glue their pictures onto cards, adding words or drawings. Found objects can also be glued onto the card, for example, stickers, flowers or buttons. Glue pictures inside and on the back of the card for a more creative card. Cards can be made out of a variety of materials such as card board, felt or even foam pages found at any craft store.

2.Photo Vase

Children can glue or collage pictures onto a bottle, baby food jar or any glass container. This can be filled with real or artificial flowers and given as a gift. A parent can spray varnish on for a more finished look.

3 Photo Collage Tote

Children can arrange their photos in the totes with picture slots. This is a great gift idea for Mom or Grandma. Photos can also be sent to places such as Walgreens or and put on a variety of gift items.

4. Painted Photo Portraits

By tracing an 8X10 photo your kids can turn any family photo into a realistic painting. Once the photo is traced they can paint in the people or use crayons, colored pencils or markers. Kids can even paint over a duplicate photograph to give it that painted look. Put it in a frame and it is ready to give as a gift.

5. Gift Wrap

Children can make gift wrap by creating a collage and incorporating their photos.

Once this is created it can be copied on a computer or copier and used to wrap gifts.

6 Button Bracelet

Select pictures with faces that will fit on your buttons. Using a circular craft punch or use a coin to trace around the faces, then cut them out. Pick 5 or 6 large buttons which can be gotten at any craft store and thread elastic through the buttons until the bracelet is the desired size. Then glue the pictures onto the buttons and decorate edges with glitter.

7. Memory CD

Have your children record messages, stories, giggles or I love yous’ onto a CD. Use your child’ picture to make a CD cover on the computer or just glue the picture to a gel case sized piece of paper for the cover. Then put into a gel case.

8.Photo Booth Pictures

Kids can take goofy pictures of their friends or family and then paste them together to look like photo booth pictures.

9.Time Capsule

Have kids take pictures of everyday life and put them in a box to be opened at a later time. Have them add fun items to show their life at that time. These also make good gifts for parents or other family members.

10. Photo Magnets

Kids can cut their pictures and glue to a cardboard shape, large button, precut wooden shapes or insert into buttons. Base items can be painted before pictures are glued on. Glue on a magnet from any craft store and put it on your refrigerator for all to see. These make great gifts.