Photo To Art Paintings Is A Great Way to Add Beauty To Your Home or Office

Discover truly unique fine art in customized paintings created from the collaboration of talented independent artists from around the globe and your favorite photograph. A gift of fine art with personal relevance gives new meaning to the warmth of home and the ambiance of an office. Photo to art raises amateur photography to frame worthy wall-hangings of your favorite view.

The value of capturing a moment in time was recognized by earliest man in rudimentary expressions of prehistoric art. Though the tools and styles in the expression of art have continually evolved throughout time, art’s importance and value remains uniquely constant throughout every culture’s history.

The time-consuming and costly endeavors involved in sitting for a portrait today are left for heads of state and royalty. Technology simplifies the process of portraiture for the majority of fast-paced lifestyles and budget restrictions that define the rest of the population. Modern cameras give everyone the ability to snap a clear photograph with all the appeal that renders it a favorite. With a laptop in most homes, a snapshot can be edited to ‘perfect’ and then turned into a customized work of hand-painted, photo-realistic art with a click.

The style of art is determined by the preference of each individual desiring a painting. A full range of stylistically diverse, professional artists are available to create all realms of interpretative art. Decisions regarding the size of the artwork and painting mediums in oils, watercolors or pencil to create the customized masterpiece are appropriated per the commissioner’s desire.

As a collaborative endeavor, the artistic eye of a discerning painter may notice subtleties in the chosen photograph where image editing would result in better aesthetic balance. In this event, the artist will communicate with the consumer by email or a phone conversation to exchange ideas and discuss the options to ensure both the artist and commissioner of a painting are on the same page for a finished product that results in a cohesive vision.

Upon completion, the artist will email a clear, unblemished photo of the original painting for detailed viewing by the individual commissioning the painting. At that time, any changes or suggested modifications are shared to ensure the painting meets or exceeds expectations.

If modifications are desired, the revised painting will be emailed by the artist for review. Upon acceptance, the artist awaits final confirmation by email, after which, the delivery process is initiated. The final, approved, hand-painted portraiture is couriered using the specified, recommended procedures for transported artwork, which is rolled in waterproof wrap and recycled paper. Your vision of a personal masterpiece is signed, sealed and delivered in a span of three to five weeks.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The photo to art process begins with your personal vision, realized with painterly inspiration, applied through an artist’s eyes, hands and tools. The priceless people in your life, a beloved pet, a scene with invaluable memories, or the landscape of a place that holds great meaning, are immortalized in a timeless vision of hand-painted artistic expression. The beautiful treasures you hold closest deserve no less.

10 Tips For a Successful Portrait Painting From a Photo

1. It’s important to choose a photo that you love. If it is a photo you are “emotionally” connected with, it will make a great painting. Keep in mind: The better the photo the better the painting. Shadowy photos make excellent paintings as well.

2. Find an artist by Googling phrases like: “photo-painting”, “Photo to Painting” or “Custom Photos to Portraits”. Look at several pages and sites noting the quality, cost and procedures of the artist.

3. Pick an artist whose work you appreciate and who draws you emotionally into their work. Do they express personality in their paintings? Check out their “gallery” online. When you choose an artist let them know the type of their paintings you are drawn to and what you like about them so they gain a deeper insight into your particular artistic tastes and styles. They can incorporate your artistic flare into your painting.

4. Request a quote, giving them as much information you can about what you want painted from your photo. This request should be FREE of charge.

5. Ask if adjustments and changes can be made to the photo without charge. Perhaps background changes, deleting unwanted items or people, changing color…etc.

6. Determine what kind of portrait style you are looking for: realistic or impressionistic. It helps to give the painter examples of the “look” you are hoping to incorporate in your painting. Be thinking about background styles as well.

7. What kind of art medium does the artist use? Acrylic, Oils or Pastels. Keep in mind that “pastels” do not mean that your painting will be necessary “light in color or lacking vibrancy”. Pastels contain the exact same pigment as any other paint but the binder is different. Pastels are a great choice if you are looking for lasting quality.

8. If the artist is using a photo as a reference, it is helpful to fill them in on the personality of the person they will be painting, such as: hobbies, likes & dislikes, etc.

9. Make sure you understand the procedure and total cost for the painting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any “hidden costs”.

10. When you view the finished painting, understand that adjustments can be made and most artists are anxious to please you.

Benefits Of Canvas Prints Over Paintings

Canvas prints are photographs printed on canvas. They are better than printing pictures on photo paper because they are more resilient to damage and will last longer. Photos on canvas also look more presentable and can be used as canvas wall art just like paintings.

There are pictures on canvas in large formats, they can be big enough to cover half your wall. These pictures make good decor pieces for homes, businesses and offices. Photos printed on canvas make better and more durable wall decor. They also look more modern than traditional paintings.

Pictures printed on canvas are more versatile and is gaining more popularity now than ever before. They are sought after to replace older wall art like paintings. They are also preferred now because they are easy to clean and maintain. Canvas prints are also cheaper than traditional paintings.

Paintings are more delicate than pictures on canvas. They are also more expensive to purchase. Paintings have to be cleaned by professional conservators, while photo prints can be dusted with a feather duster. Prints are also more resilient to moisture damage or temperature changes.

Another advantage to getting canvas pictures is its modern appeal. they can be hung framed or unframed but still look sophisticated. Your choices are also limited with paintings. Photos on canvas come in a variety of genres and depict all kinds of subjects.

Sizes are also not a problem with canvas pictures. If you fancy a particular photograph, you can have it printed in any size you want, making it a versatile choice for wall decor. You won’t have to go crazy looking for the perfect painting in the right size.

When you need to buy canvas prints, you can find hundreds of choices on the internet. You don’t have to hop from one art gallery to another to find a suitable canvas wall art for your home or office. All you need to do it to take note of suitable colors and measurements.

When you search for prints online, you also have the benefit of comparing prices and pictures. Sure, you can also find paintings online, but your choices are quite limited. It will be easier to find something suitable for your wall if you choose to hang pictures on canvas.

You will find pictures for animal lovers, people who like to travel, for people who like flowers or food. The possibilities of decorating with canvas prints are unlimited. The shapes and sizes of canvas are also varied. You won’t have problem looking for narrow canvas pieces that will fit even the most awkward spaces in your house.